Public Relations.

PR is all about how your brand is seen and heard by your intended audience.

Warrior starts at the beginning of the story.

Who are you? What are your objectives? Who are your audience, and where are they?

We help people answer these questions as well as ask them. From focus groups, PR Audits, surveys, and market research, we can work on your brand strategy with you to ensure that it’s delivering the results you want.

What do you want to talk about?

Once we’ve answered those questions, we need to work on what it is you want to talk about. Do you want to raise awareness around a campaign you’re working on, do you have a new product you want to introduce to your consumers, do you have something to add to a news debate, do you want to position yourself as the expert in your industry, or do you have no news but know that you need to ‘get out there’?

PR Strategy.

This is where the PR strategy comes in, working with your objectives we create a killer strategy that ensures a steady flow of coverage throughout the PR campaign. The art to PR is consistency, being in the media on a regular basis. We research, plan, and crucially, we create. If you have any gaps in your strategy, then we create the news for you. We build creative campaigns working within your budgets and working towards your objectives.

Delivering Results.

The Warrior team has a strong sales background for two reasons; because you have to be on your game to pitch to journalists, and we need to deliver results for our clients. Everything we do is goal-driven, measured, tracked, and analysed. We do not stop until we get you the results we promised.

Our PR services include:

  • PR Audit
  • PR Strategy
  • Creative Campaigns
  • Media Relations
  • Copywriting
  • Award Entries
  • Photography
  • Videography

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