Social Media.

It’s not enough to ‘do social media’, you have to live, breathe and ‘be social’. Successful social media channels are engaging authentically with their communities and audiences making them feel special. Warrior starts at the beginning by understanding you and your audience, which social media channels they’re on, and how they’re engaging on there.

It all starts with strategy.

Whether they’re in Facebook groups, never leave Instagram, tweet daily, on Tik Tok, or reading articles on Linked In, we’ll find them and we’ll make sure you’re there too. As with everything we do, we start with strategy, a social media strategy which includes social media brand guidelines, competitor analysis and an audit of what you’re currently doing. We set targets based on the metrics that we know are important, reach, followers, and of course, engagement.

Create, post, grow, learn.

We can create content for you, or we can support and guide your in-house team if they’re creating their own. We can post for you, engage as you, grow those channels, and increase your audience. Most importantly we report back to you with our results and recommendations based on our analysis.

Social media algorithms change on a weekly basis and the Warrior team stay abreast of these so you don’t have to, we share our findings and test them out on Warrior’s social first so we come to you with tried and tested solutions.

Our Social Media services include:

  • Social Media Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Management
  • Engagement
  • Analysis


From bloggers, to micro-influencers, influencers and celebrities, the power of the person is now mightier than the sword.

Most have a larger audience than our national newspapers and magazines and should be respected for their influence. Warrior researches and researches, we find the influencers that fit with your brand and your ethics; alignment and authenticity are everything. We create campaigns, cultivate relationships, arrange agreements and deliverables, curate content, and monitor results.

Our Influencer services include:

  • Influencer Research
  • Influencer Liaison & Management
  • Contracts
  • Analysis

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